The Reytons – The Interview

One of my absolute favorite discoveries of 2018 – The Reytons hail from South Yorkshire. They’ve hit the scene with a confident swagger, infectious grooves and anthemic choruses. With 3 EPs released since 2017 and their new single “Canine’ released last month – this is British working-class music at its finest.

Introduce the band members

Jonny Yerrell – Front man & Song Writer. Joe O’Brien – Lead Guitar. Lee Holland – Bass Guitar. Jamie Todd – Drums.

How did you meet?

We all became friends via the local music scene! Open Mics, Studios etc… Somehow it just happened!

How did you choose your name?

During the process of building the band, in the first few weeks… Jonny was driving home when a group of kids who live on his street ran out in front of his car chasing a football. Jonny said “Fucking Reytons them….” and the rest is history!

In ten words or less – describe your musical sound.

Indie rock, catchy melodies and tales from the local boozer!

Take me through your creative process.

There is no set structure to this, sometimes the band will be jamming, create a catchy riff and it will go from there. Other times, Jonny will walk into the room with a melody and a few lyrics based on something that he has seen during the day that inspired him! We don’t like to force it, when it comes it comes.

Which track are you most proud of and why?

We each have our individual favorites, so this is a tough question. I suppose that Slice of Lime will always be up there for us as it was the first song we ever recorded. This track represents the beginning!

Who’s the biggest pain in the arse on tour?


Who are your biggest musical influences?

We all have a wide taste in music, I think you can hear this in our tracks? I don’t think there is a certain artist or band that have influenced our sound, we just take inspiration from the people and things around us.

Which artists are you currently listening to?

As many as possible! We really feel like the classic indie scene is about to make a big return… There are some great new bands breaking through at the minute and it’s a really exciting time to be making music!

Congratulations on a really successful year. What was the highlight of 2018 and what’s in store for 2019?

Cheers! 2018 was a crazy year for us… without a doubt, Leadmill was the highlight! To sell out one of Sheffield’s most iconic venues in under 2 years of playing together was one thing. But to see an entire venue singing word for word… That will stay with us forever.

We have so much planned for 2019 already! Tours, new music, festivals… It is still very early days for us, but it does feel like something big is on the horizon! We can’t wait to see whats next.

Check out the band’s latest single ‘Canine’

The Reytons are currently on a UK tour – check out the details here

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